Safeguard your business with a top-tier safety and compliance process.

Whether it be providing protection for individual contractors, minimizing safety hazards on jobsites, or standardizing routine checks for your business, GoCanvas works in tandem with you to reach 100% compliance with ease.


Our customers report lowering their health and safety liability by almost 20%

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Protect your workers, business, and customer relationships.

With our simple and automated digital solution, you won’t need to micromanage safety protocol development, and you won’t need to agonize over standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Instead, you can focus your time on making a difference for your customers while knowing everyone in your organization is following consistent processes to stay safe, with the documentation to prove it.

“We use GoCanvas for all our safety documentation, environmental compliance, OSHA regulations, and inspections. We see what our weaknesses are and retrain our employees to raise the level of awareness.”

Jeff Sampeer, Clearway Energy, Customer since 2018

Get peace of mind and a leg up on your competition.

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Protect your people

  • Keep your workforce healthy and comfortable with COVID protocols and rapid communication
  • Avoid workplace accidents and create safety culture by making sure people follow safety policies and equipment is inspected and ready to use
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Increase equipment uptime

  • Avoid expensive emergency repairs with inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Connect easily to associated documentation, videos, and images such as repair manuals and warranties
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Meet regulatory compliance requirements

  • Prepare for environmental health and safety audits (HSE), OSHA, ISO, HCAAP, and more
  • Collect required data, communicate, and submit for compliance
  • Provide documentation to inspectors with a digital audit trail, instead of hunting for paperwork
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Respond to workplace incidents

  • Implement corrective actions immediately following workplace accidents and near misses
  • Ensure your team follows policies for reporting and resolution
  • Make sure your contractors have Certificate of Insurance on file and up to date

Set up industry-leading protection.

Apply secret-service-level safety through JSAs for your employees, jobsites, and equipment by automating your safety procedures and routine inspections with any of our pre-built form templates.

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Stay OSHA Compliant

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    Job Safety Analysis

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    Incident Reports

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    Inspection & Checklist

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    Safety Meetings

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    Hazard Reports

  • Safety document icon

    Safety Data Sheets

Connect to the tools you already use for compliance and safety.

Get pre-built connectors to sync your data, workflow, and communications. Want to use GoCanvas to automate invoices in Quickbooks or share information and files automatically to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, no problem!

Your vision, our product.

Gain a competitive edge and boost your revenue by partnering with GoCanvas. Discover why resellers are choosing to collaborate with us.

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Our team of experts will help you customize and automate an effective safety plan.